Monday, August 3, 2009

Intro thru Chapter 2

Who knew that it would take so many pages to cover the basics, like: kitchen equipment, definitions, ingredients, measurements, temperatures, and cutting?

I did enjoy reading that an electric range is better than a run-of-the-mill gas range. I’ve always had an electric cook top and most people find that very hard to believe. It simply is a result of the local electric company sponsoring the ranges in my home economic classes and a wonderful teacher that knew how to cook on one and willing to teach us the proper techniques.

Chapter 1 covers soup. I can't really get excited about soup in the middle of summer. I do make a wonderful cream of mushroom soup, but not when it is over 90 degrees outside.

Chapter 2 covers sauces. Sauces must be VERY important; Julia used 44 pages to outline various sauces. All sauces start from a variety of two white sauces, a brown, or a tomato sauce. Add another 6 pages of flavored butters and after the "specialty sauces" and you arrive at stocks. The stock section was very interesting. I make and freeze my own stock, but this is a recent adventure. In Julia’s book, she refers to the fact that you can use canned stock, but you must boil the stock with veggies and a mixture of herbs. The only thing you are missing is the carcass of the chicken or the beef bones! The most insulting comment in the book so far . . . a child of 8 can make hollandaise sauce in a blender. It may be a long, long trip thru Julia’s book for this nearly 50 year old.

I am starting on Chapter 3 tonight. I can barely wait to read how to poach an egg properly. I thought that adding water to the pan, placing the egg cup holder that had been sprayed with non-stick spray over the boiling water, adding salt, pepper and a bit of butter was sufficient. Apparently not.

Sunday evening will be my first attempt at a recipe by Julia. I will be preparing Gratin De Pommes De Terre Aux Anchois (Gratin of Potatoes, Onions, and Anchovies). I really would like to prepare a tart, but I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle the pastry chapter!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Post

I love to cook. My first thought when I saw the T.V. ad for the movie Julia/Julie was - why didn't I think of this??? I love to try new recipes . . . now I'm thinking does this blog have spell check?

I'm looking for cohorts because this week, my husband was in Hong Kong and I texted him about my desire to cook my way thru Julia Child's cookbook, of course the 40th anniversary addition. His response was, let's do it together, we do everything together. He's such a romantic. So, I purchased the book, but within the first few pages of Julia's cookbook I learn that her recipes are for a party of 6! Clearly, I will need guests and wouldn't it be nice to have guests with the same goal or interest.

Tonight at a weekly dinner at a local restaurant with our wine club, I'm encouraging other members to start a dinner club. Small response, but one couple was very positive. Now, just to find four more people. After discussion, we decided that a monthly club would be best, with the host house selecting the entree, the guests (consisting of 3 other couples) would bring a salad, side dish and dessert. But, the wife of the only couple that expresses an interest wants to cook her way thru some book that Rachael Ray has published with 365 recipes. Now, I watch Rachael about every day, but this is not in my plan. What to do, what to do . . . I started the blog. Such decisions are left to a clearer head. It is after all wine club night.